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Coven Guide to becoming an initiated Witch (c) MN2014-sm

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Coven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch

by Mani Navasothy (Wiccan High Priest, London).

Wicca & Witchcraft is one of the growing neo-pagan religions of the world! Casting a Magic Circle and practicing magic, worshiping Horned Gods and Triple-Moon Goddesses, drawing energy from the elements (Air, Fire, Water & Earth), performing sky-clad (naked) rituals in the woods or in a spare room, and celebrating the full moons, new moons and 8-fold seasonal festivals - are all part of this religion- and it all takes place within a Coven of Witches! In this book, Mani Navasothy, London Coven leader & High Priest of Wicca in the Gardnerian tradition explains all that is needed by a Seeker who wishes to join a Coven and become an initiated Witch!

Seekers of The Craft (Wicca) have a very challenging task of finding serious-minded Witches - in particular Coven Leaders, so that they can get to know them and eventually ask about Coven life and indeed a Wiccan Initiation.

This book addresses the whole journey- from deciding to seek initiation in Wicca, basic knowledge of Wicca & Coven life, essential preparations of magic - to going to the right places, making the correct contacts and communication and the slow evolution of trust-building with a Seeker's `world be initiator' (coven leaders). And this book also gives full details, etiquette and protocols (the hidden ones) to follow - before, during and after the Initiation, so that the Seeker (now an Initiated Witch) can securely stay in their new coven!

Manivannan Navasothy, creator of the e-Witch Course, with over 15 years of Wicca, initiations, running private training covens and public Wicca & Witchcraft courses in London has written this no-nonsense guide, as a way of giving focus to Seekers and would-be-Witches, and teaching them how to take well-informed personal responsibility in their Journey to becoming an Initiated Witch!

This book has over 80 pages of condensed information, guidelines, bullet points and check-lists, explanation of all the stages personally written by Mani, and is edited by April Jonquil. Mani & April are currently writing a joint-book on `How to run Wiccan Covens' - also for publication in Kindle soon.

Below is a brief summary of chapter headings.  

Chapters  have extensive sub-topics (not show here for copyright reasons).

    Coven Guide: Become an initiated Witch

      Chapter 1:  Pre-Journey

      Chapter 2:   Witchcraft Basics

      Chapter 3:  Wicca Basics

      Chapter 4:  Magical Basics

      Chapter 5:  Interludes and Examinations

      Chapter 6: Coven Basics

      Chapter 7:  The Journey: Finding your Initiators

      Chapter 8: How to stay in a coven

    All contents protected by International Copyright Laws. 

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